I don't know where to begin.  To create a website, video blog, recipe book, and online presence in the middle of family life, searching for all the right things to say, we have come up with one thing: Jesus is the Bread of Life & the Living Water, and He is who we hunger and thirst for.  We are a family of four who desires to know God, see God, and reflect God in the Earth.  We love to cook together and play silly games.  We are not afraid of offending each other because we believe that we were created for God and not ourselves.  We let everyone make mistakes, and when we do, we demonstrate that love resets the atmosphere.  We don't make room for anxiety or fear, but invite everyone into freedom and peace.  We do not believe in cramming our schedules full with events, jeopardizing harmony and excellence in our own home.  We do not believe that controlling one another, with manipulation or outright anger, is in any way love.  We believe that everyone in the home, whether adult or child, has a free will to choose right or wrong, and that godly-self-love and Christ-centered-self-control are important factors in developing a trustworthy will.  Explore the statement, blogs, video blogs, recipes, and partnerships to learn more about how Ladder House views the family home environment, and how you can build a Ladder House, too.